A hike up Mexico’s sleeping woman

Having settled into a ‘I-could-easily-do-this-for-a-few-months’ pattern of coffee shops and Spanish lessons one day and sightseeing the next, I decide it’s time for something more intrepid than grabbing the metro to a museum or park. Cue google search for things to do in Mexico city – a couple of clicks and I’ve committed myself (and a mutual friend Warren) […]

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Kahlo crush

I think I’m a little in love with Frida Kahlo. Bar her prolific monobrow and flamboyant style, I knew little about Frida’s story before arriving in Mexico city – but her famous blue house in Coyocan was on my must-visit itinerary (alongside pretty much every other Mexico city hotlist). Keen to learn more about the famous Mexican artist […]

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Falling for Mexico’s history

A few weeks into my trip and I’ve realised the first day you arrive in a new location, you always feel slightly odd. The best advice therefore is a) not take yourself too seriously  b) find a good coffee shop and c) speak to someone from home to reground. After doing all three (thanks Connie for the […]

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Food heaven at Hartwoods

Before I arrived in Mexico, I decided there was no way I could come to Tulum and not go to Hartwoods. Situated at the far end of the hotel zone on the jungle side, it’s the one place I have broken the ‘no eating at the beach’ rule for. The now famed open-air restaurant is easily […]

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Going underwater

I’ve been thinking about fear a lot this year, and how much opportunity it steals from us. The worst thing about fear (apart from how paralysing it is), is that when you actually do actually take a leap of faith you realise that a) 99% of your fear was unfounded and b) how beautiful it is […]

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Antojitos por favour!

A few days after arriving in Tulum and a disappointing lunch experience in the hotel zone (justified payback for being lazy)  it’s clear the best eats are found off the beaten track. In other words – you need to leave the beach. I repeat – you need to leave the beach. The best place for cheap and delicious […]

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Day tripping at the Mayan Ruins

After 24 hours of doing no more than moving from sunbed to sofa-bed and lifting a few Margaritas, getting around Tulum feels like a herculean task. Since the pueblo (or town centre) sits on the highway a good 10 minute drive from the beach, its impossible to move from one to the other without taking a taxi or hiring a bike. […]

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